Joann Post


Joann’s personal history with addiction and recovery sparked a passion that brought her work as a recovery companion and coach, beginning in 2005. Joann was inspired by her work as a recovery companion. She found nothing more exciting than witnessing the light come on in a client’s eyes as they moved into health and seeing the magic of a shift in their perspective.

However, Joann quickly found that a new approach was needed in the recovery companion field. Her experience taught her that the safest and most effective coaching and mentoring of her clients was done under the oversite and guidance of the talented and experienced clinicians she was lucky enough to collaborate with.

She envisioned a company that would be professional, collaborative, and closely supervised; where clinical and administrative compliance would be valued; where a wide variety of companions with recovery experience, training, and support would be matched with clients to ensure best practices and successful outcomes.

With those values as her touchstone she founded Post Treatment Services with a vision of companioning as a highly trained, widely used, reliable resource for individuals, families and clinical teams. She believes her companions’ role is to provide support to clients in varying stages of recovery from chemical dependency or behavioral health concerns. Professionalism, collaboration and communication are her core values in guiding PTS.

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