Covid 19

The current pandemic has impacted us all. Those already struggling with mental health and addiction are more than ever in need of help. The isolation, financial hardships and inability to socialize in traditional ways are challenging our vulnerable loved ones to find and maintain their recovery. We have expanded our services and adapted to the current environment to support these new needs.

  • We have added remote support to our list of services—hourly rates available to clients who are looking for virtual support, daily check-ins, help with navigating recovery meetings and setting and maintaining daily/weekly goals.
  • We are still offering companion services under the strict premise that companions comply with CDC’s protocols and best practices before working with a client. Our companions are sheltering in place between jobs to ensure they have not been infected before working with a new client.
  • We take pride in diligently guiding families towards the right level of care for their loved one while providing support for all parties involved through Case Management and Case Consultation services.