About Us

Why Use Post Treatment Services?

We strive to be leaders in the fields of Addiction and Behavioral Health Treatment by setting the standard for how intervention, treatment and aftercare services are provided —curating a hand-picked team to deliver the support, structure, and supervision needed to help people embark on the first steps of their new life.

Post Treatment Services provides clinical oversight throughout the treatment process to ensure the best opportunity at a fresh start.

Our clinical team works collaboratively and diligently to ensure that the client’s treatment goals remain at the forefront of their daily experience. Through this and our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional services, our clients are able to experience deep growth and foster a substantial foundation and healing that can serve them indefinitely.

Our goal at Post Treatment Services is to provide as many opportunities to move our client to the highest level of autonomy possible while in our care. We believe deeply that it is our job to work ourselves out of a job.

Our Staff

Joann Post