Alex Flood

Clinical Care Manager/Interventionist

Alex began her career as a behavioral health clinical case manager over twenty years ago after completing her initial therapy training at Guildford College, Surrey, UK. She specialized in the treatment of addictions and the underlying issues at the Priory Addictions Training Course and at the Priory Hospital Sturt and Farm Place, graduating with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Addictions Counseling.

She is also certified in motivational enhancement therapy, family systems therapy, trauma resolution and structured interventions.
She has received further training both in the United States and the United Kingdom and is the only licensed Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) practitioner in Europe, as well as a Certified Challenge Course Counselor.

She co-founded and was Clinical Director at Nova Vida Recovery Centre in Portugal and treatment director at Milestones at Onsite in Cumberland Furnace, TN. Alex is internationally known as an expert in the field of mental health and addiction. As a consultant and advisor, she works directly with families, assisting with interventions, intensive workshops, and clinical care management.

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