Donna Markus

Clinical Director/ Clinical Care Manager/ Interventionist

Dr. Markus holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology, is a Licensed Advanced Alcohol & Drug Counselor and Certified Intervention Professional.

She has worked in the addiction treatment field for over four decades, in an array of different facilities from non-profit, state funded, to private treatment centers.

Her previous roles include Executive Director, Clinical Director, and clinician, at several highly respected adult and adolescent, residential and outpatient programs, providing clinical and program development, as well as administrative services. Dr. Markus also taught UCLA’s addiction certification program for fifteen years, during which she spread the message of recovery through presentations and trainings, held in fourteen countries and to thousands of addiction, mental health, and medical professionals. Her extensive experience working with individuals and their loved ones on addiction, co-dependency, process addictions and co-occurring disorders, as well as working with impaired professionals and the LGBT community sets her apart as one of the most experienced and respected professionals in the field.

Dr. Markus joined with Post Treatment Services because she believes that responsible, well-supervised curated care is a critical part of a successful treatment team. Post Treatment Services is honored to work with such a remarkable clinician, care manager, and addiction professional.

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