Anthony M. Greco, PsyD, Beverly Hills, CA

I have had the opportunity to work closely with Joann on multiple occasions over the years. The thing that really differentiates her from other recovery companion companies is her ability to collaborate, talk through the details of a case, and really be involved with the people she is supervising. She often knows about issues going on with a client before we do, and is able to bring that experience and knowledge to a treatment team. It is difficult to find people who really know h

ow to not only function, but thrive in the inner workings and complexities of a treatment team working with families that are simultaneously dealing with either press, contractual, or business issues that are unique to high profile and high net worth families and individuals. I rest easier knowing she is on the case. Joann’s sensitivity to and ability to navigate such issues have been without parallel. I would insist that she is a part of any treatment team I had the opportunity to build from the ground up. She is my A-team, and that’s who she brings to the table with her.