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What Does PTS Provide?

At PTS, every case is supervised. Each companion has support and each client has an expert in the background, ensuring that care is consistent with treatment goals. The companion receives valuable feedback and perspective and has an opportunity to decompress and process, allowing them to stay focused and on track.

Joann Post has created a system that offers unparalleled accountability and support without disrupting the relationship between client and companion. The client may not even be aware of the supervisor’s role. However, when a case becomes challenging, the absence of a supervisor would surely be noticed.

Very often a case comes to us with a fully functioning treatment team already in place. We pride ourselves on our ability to integrate as productive, insightful members of your team.


We accompany clients when travel is necessary to or from treatment, transport from one facility to another, or after intervention. We understand the acute challenges that arise between the cry for help and the front door of a facility, and we are prepared to navigate this difficult journey. Trusting this part of the process to a professional is easier, safer and more likely to succeed than a friend or family member struggling with a frightened addict.


Clients occasionally need to leave a treatment facility for a professional, legal or family obligation. After treatment - sometimes well into recovery - an event may present a considerable challenge to a client. Our companions provide emotional and logistical support to get through an event without relapse, processing and problem-solving in real time, while integrating comfortably into the milieu. Clients are supported and protected with anonymity and discretion. Post Treatment Services companions are with you to help safely navigate planned or unplanned events.


Transitioning from treatment to recovery may be one of the most difficult things a client ever does. A recovery companion accompanies a client as they begin building a recovering life inside the real-time, real-terms context of work, family, recreation and ongoing goals. A client needs to land, create a safe space at home and begin to plug into local peer support networks and clinical resources. Whether the support of a companion is needed for a short couple of weeks or for several months, Post Treatment Services provides companion support for the time it takes to build a strong foundation.


Co-occurring disorders, behavioral health concerns, chronic illness, and mental illness can create special challenges for some clients, making it difficult to achieve or maintain independence. One on one support may allow clients to remain in their homes or in the community when their level of need might otherwise require long-term residential care. Ongoing companion care is available either with in-house case management or in collaboration with an existing team.


From initial intervention to long-term aftercare planning, Post Treatment Services can be an integral part of a treatment team. We work with your clinicians to set and attain goals with and for the client. Our collaborative approach always ensures that the client’s primary clinicians are in charge, informed and involved. We can help the clinical team ensure that the client is on track through day to day routines and through emotional or logistical challenges.


Every Post Treatment recovery companion has a Case Supervisor as an included part of our services. The focus of that case supervisor is on the companion or companions assigned to a client. The supervisor is focused on the companion’s role as a member of a multidisciplinary treatment team. The Case Supervisor directly oversees and holds the companion accountable to expectations and goals collectively established for them by a treatment team, family, or specific clinical needs. The Case Supervisor is not necessarily clinical, but serves as a liaison between the client, companion, clinicians, facilities, families, and business associates related to the client with shared case information as appropriate. Case Supervisors are in daily communication with companions throughout the duration of the assignment.


While Case Supervision is always a part of our recovery companion services, there are times when Case Management can help coordinate a variety of treatment components into a functioning whole. Case Management oversees and directs the care team. We work with Case Managers from a variety of modalities, or can provide those services if a client is in need. Our team genuinely enjoys collaborating with clinicians and facilities nationwide.

Case Management differs from Case Supervision. Case Managers may be involved before, during, and after the client works with a recovery companion. The Case Manager oversees an entire case, including finding suitable interventionists, treatment facilities, recovery companions, therapists, or other services the client or family may require. The Case Manager is in regular contact with all the moving parts, so family members can get back to living their lives. Utilizing a Case Manager allows the coordination of care to shift away from loved ones and business associates, so that they can establish or re-establish a healthy relationship free from the painful dynamics of active addiction.

Post Treatment Services can provide Clinical Case Management for short or long-term care. Ensuring that client care is integrated across the clinical spectrum means that we can maximize the resources available to a client, eliminating repetition, contradiction and missed opportunities. Not every Post Treatment client needs to use our case management services, but every client could benefit from having a Case Manager they can trust as part of their ongoing care team.


“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change."

– Carl Rogers

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